What is denial and why is it worth discussing, here? We all have it. We use it to cope with life or to go blissfully on in a world of troubled seas. When you look around you see chaos everywhere. Terrorist attacks, innocent people dying for their god.

God doesn’t want us to fight, kill, or destroy one another. God is us and why would we want to hurt us. The us and the we are of course is the one, as there is only the one. There is only the divine and we are it. We and everything else everywhere.

Oneness is truth and there is no denial. There is only peace and goodness and the negative is overcome by the positive. There is no need to kill as nothing can die. Pure energy cannot die. It can be anything, but not dead.

When we hear the truth and do not recognize it there is denial. There is chaos and discord. This does not bring peace. One belief cannot kill all the infidels with terrorist attacks. No peace will ever come with bloodshed.

Love and forgetting the past by forgiving and accepting. No one is perfect here and there will be fights between friends and loved ones. Random, senseless violence has got to stop. Killing someone because they don’t think the same as you means we should all go out and kill everybody else.

I don’t know who thought up the whole idea of trying to wipe out an entire religious belief by killing all of its believers, but who ever it was should have been made to see the light. The dark ages were an awful time and many things to hamper mankind’s growth happened during this time.

Prior to the dark ages there were things known that were lost. The truth was suppressed and secrets were made of those things that revealed much of why we are here and what is to come.

In the beginning there was truth. There wasn’t much of anything else, but there was truth. It shone like a beacon in the night and it bore the universe and all that is. And all was good.

Then man and his lust for power along with his greed, corrupted the system and truth was beset by denial. We denied what we knew to be true to satisfy our need for power. The that lust was increased and vast armies were sent out to conquer in the name of some god.

There is a god as there is only the one. It is the one, the divine and all that is, is God or THE ALL or anything you want to call it. What it all boils down to is that you, me, the tree outside, the fifth moon around Jupiter are one as God.

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