Belief Grows Strong In Some

 So strong that they can see no other even when it is clear that they are wrong. But beliefs are merely fabrication of the mind. A mind that can only see what is on the surface. It cannot see what the heart knows. It cannot feel with the sixth sense.
But what of the sixth sense. How can we come to here its calling, see what is ever there, taste the nectar that awakens?
Ours is but a naked separation, longing to be one as meant to be. The division set must be put asunder. Thrown to the wolves of wonder that it may die so that the oneness may be.
Live in the darkness if you will, but one day all will see that oneness is all there can be.
When the sands of time run their course, they will reveal to all the oneness that is reality. Truth and love will abide when the course is found in the heart. For it is there and has been all along.
Found deep within is the nothing where the oneness is.
Enlightenment will come as the sixth sense opens. Found is the way when revealed. Fear not for a life immortal, that breathes in harmony with the ALL.
Grapple not with that which is false. Stay the mind that thinks only of the self. Liberty is where clarity come to be and serenity will known when we answer the oneness call

The Oneness Call

If you listen when all is still
Hearken to the voice of will
Though a whisper at the start
Heard in the beating of your heart

There grows the voice heard
Focus and louder is the word
Truth is said in the oneness call
There to bless one and all

Forest green and meadows plush
Give us the placid ease of lush
There in the silence truth is found
Where peace and serenity abound

Gone are the frightened wonders of
When all that is left is pure love
Awaken to the oneness call
It beckons to one and all

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