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We all seem to be insane or at least most of us are that believe in this physical realm. Believing that this egoistic reality is the true reality is beyond laughable. It is this place that is fraught with duality and an unending supply of false beliefs. These only perpetuate the great illusion that this is the real world.
I’ve Heard More Convincing Fairy Tales
Most Christians believe that there is a heaven and a hell if they believe in an afterlife. They think that they will live on in one or the other for the rest of eternity. Taught by theologians that interpreted writings passed by word of mouth for centuries. Then translated these writings into every language on earth.
Then those translations have picked apart by scholars, preachers, and theologians. Yet, for all the translations and interpretations we still don’t have a clue about what is the truth.
Is God this deity, living in the heavens, looking down upon us, dictating his will upon us as we plod through life? It’s doubtful if we’ll ever find answers in those things written thousands of years ago? Or is God dead as Time magazine ask in 1966?
We can never answer the question “Who am I?” because there is no I. There is only the one.
Enlightenment and Beyond
From the beginning of this life cycle You have believed in the self-defined self, the ego. It has been running and ruining your life since you were born. It is the ego that keeps you from the enlightenment you seek. It has hidden it from you. It has been removed to a place in plain view.
Your are already enlightened. You have been all along. It is in the seeking of it that will not let you find it. It cannot be found, because it’s never been lost. You can’t chase it, cause it ain’t running. When you’re standing on the mountain why follow the path that leads you away.

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