We have as many different beliefs, as many as we have people on the earth I warrant to say. Yet, we have organized religions that point the way to this belief and that. What I believe is of no consequence as I, like everyone else, believe in my own revelation, though it is similar to others. All I really ask is to look to your heart to guide your decision.

When I look at the different religions and think of what must be the ultimate goal I believe it to be enlightenment. Many believe it is something to be obtained, a destination where total bliss will be achieved. Others think that enlightenment can be achieved or found through meditation. Still others know that they will become enlightened through study. It is very common to think of enlightenment as a place to be found.

Enlightenment is not a destination, but rather an awareness of what is all around us all the time. One does not become enlightened because it is something that we are and always have been. Certainly a person that doesn’t recognize their true self because they believe they are what their egoic mind tells them that they are this or that will never know enlightenment.

Our bodies are a shell that has trapped our true self, that which continues on after the body dies. This true self is what we truly are and that self is and has always been enlightened. When we look within to this self we become aware of the silence and it is there that we realize what it is to be enlightened.

Enlightenment does not mean that you are better than everyone else or that you will be a super human that can float above everyone sitting in the lotus position.  Enlightenment is what you are, you just need to awaken to your inner self and you will be what you have always been and that is enlightened.

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