astral-mind-healingWhen we experience problems of the body we look to doctors of one kind or another and they definitely have their place to help with some of our ailments. The thing with doctors is that they want to either pump us full of pills or to operate, but these things don’t always do a very good job of fixing the problem.

The mind, and I’m not talking about the physical mind, I’m talking about the inner self mind. The mind that is filled with ions of knowledge. The mind that has no beginning and no end. For lack of a better name let’s call it the astral mind. This mind knows more about healing than all the doctors that have ever been, put together, and this mind believes 100% in its ability to heal.

As the body deteriorates there will be parts that breakdown. There will be other times when you need a physician to set a broken arm or stop an infection, but our astral mind can help us in so many ways that don’t involve going to the doctor. We’ve all heard of placebos that have been used to affect a cure. These are only effective when it really sold and the patient believes that the pill they’ve been given is the cure they need. What happens in this instance is that the mind cures the person of their ailment.

Then there is the passage in the bible where the woman knows that she will be cured if she can but touch the garment Jesus is wearing. He feels her touch him and sees that she is cured and says to her, “Woman, it is your faith that has cured you.”

The astral mind is so sure that the healing treatment is going to work that makes the cure an actuality. It is this total belief that creates the cure for the body. The problem is that we only listen to the physical brain and with this there is always some degree of doubt. It is this doubt that prevents us from becoming cured.

We therefore must learn to stop listening to the physical brain and start only paying attention to the astral mind. This is where most of us fall short because we have lost touch with the astral mind. We no longer can hear it when it tells us things, much less become able to think with it. The astral mind is there inside you and it is connected to the divine. Listen to it when faced with a difficult decision as it will not lead you astray. Tap into it for body maintenance. Let it keep you in the pink or problem free.

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