The Great Illusion


We all seem to be insane or at least most of us are, as we believe this physical realm, this ego reality is the true reality. It is this place that is fraught with duality and an unending supply of false beliefs that only perpetuate the great illusion that this is the real world.

Most believe that there a heaven and a hell if they believe in an after life. They think that they will live on in one or the other for the rest of eternity. Yet, this is something that we’ve been taught from theologians who have interpreted writings that were passed on by word of mouth for centuries. Writings that were translated from the language they were originally written into every language on earth.Then those translations have been studied and picked apart by scholars, preachers, theologians, and anyone else trying to tell us what was meant. Yet for all the translations and interpretations we still, for the most part don’t have a clue as to what is the absolute truth.

Is God this deity, living in the heavens, looking down upon us, dictating his will upon us as we plod through life looking for answers in those things written thousands of years ago? Or is God dead as Time magazine ask in 1966?

The question “Who am I?” can never be answered because there is no I. There is only the one.

img15Enlightenment and Beyond

From the beginning of this life cycle You have believed in the self defined self, the ego. It has been running and ruining your life since you were born. It is the ego that keeps you from the enlightenment you seek. It has hidden it from you. It has been removed to a place in plain view.
Your are already enlightened. You have been all along. It is in the seeking of it that will not let you find it. It cannot be found, because it’s never been lost. You can’t chase it, cause it ain’t running. When you’re standing on the mountain why follow the path that leads you away.

The ego is blocking, manipulating, running games, feeding you propaganda to keep you under its control. The mind within is in control of the body or shell that temporarily houses the soul, spirit or whatever you want to call it. That mind, or at least the physical part will die with the body, but the knowledge will be passed to the one, and become that which is.

To awaken is to remember all that you are. It’s not transforming into something new. It’s becoming what we already are. There is no change in us. We simply remember what we knew as we should when we’re one. We have the knowledge of THE ALL

We awaken into THE ALL where there is no separation, no duality, in fact there is no time. What’s more you no longer even think of separation or personal ego. What you are is one. Not your ego. Not your job, your sex, nor any of the other things that are only attached to the sleeping ego driven self you thought you were.

img16Shifting Parameters

Even though the higher self is part of you many have never really grasped the concept of this. They are blind to the fact that the real you is this higher self. To see this the only change you need to make is a change in perception.
The true self, the higher self is immortal, an essence that emanates from and is part of the Cosmic Mind. To become aware of what you is the dilemma because you cannot see it with your physical egoistic mind. This ego makes many good points, keeping the illusion alive and your perceptions locked into the physical senses.

To see without eyes, to hear without ears, feel without fingers, smell without a nose, taste without a mouth. When there is absolute quiet in a noisy room, stillness in the rivers flow. There is only the moment, static; without time; without movement. There is no future there is no past. There is only the ever changing moment becoming the next moment. This is enlightenment.

Where you find it is in the stillness, the quiet, the truth.This is obviously not easy to do as it can’t be found for it is where you already are. Letting go of your beliefs, your thoughts, your ideas about who you are is where you begin. Forget all you know and believe as these are just the ego make it up for you.

When you learn to shed the ideals set by your ego then and only then will you be able to focus upon the higher self. The spiritual body is what is real, even though you cannot see it, feel it or know that it exists while you sleep in the egoistic dream..

img17Wake Up From the Dream

Stop thinking of yourself as a three dimensional being is the first thing you need to do to find your higher self. Know that you are of THE ALL and not just a separate entity living upon earth. You are one with all things great and small. You are a part of everything and everything is a part of you.As you awaken the outside world dissolves away and you lose your senseĀ  of self in a world previously unknown to you. This may last a moment as just a glimpse or it can last for a more sustained period. With clarity you will see what we absolutely are that is not limited to the egoistic self we believed ourself to be.

Don’t limit yourself to this small, insignificant planet. Become a citizen of the universe with all its knowledge. Learn to become aware of the oneness that is inside you. Know that it is part of you just as you are part of THE ALL.

Think not of the opinions of others. They are trapped in a temporary existence that does not matter when compared to the grand scheme of things. The message you need to hear is the sound of evermore, not the idle gossiping and petty thoughts that emanate from such beings as this.

Bring yourself full circle to the point of creation. Hold within your thoughts the blessing that were first bestowed upon you. The eternal life that is within you is the key to finding your higher self. It will guide you on to greater heights and the fruition of fulfillment in this endeavor.